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We are a team of professional, reliable and creative landscape contractors who can turn your dream garden into reality. Call Sunscapes Landscaping & Property Maintenance today for a free estimate or use the contact form on this page to send us a message. Serving Cincinnati, Amberly Village, Loveland, Hyde Park, Mason, West Chester, Montgomery and surrounding areas!

Landscape Design

  • Expert design service 
  • Experienced in developing plans that compliment and enhance the existing structure

Landscape Installation and Construction

  • Full utilization of man hours and materials to meet budget 
  • Synchronizing delivery of all on-site materials and heavy equipment 
  • Coordination of all work with other on-site contractors 
  • Maintaining a safe, effective and efficient job site 
  • Fastidious clean-up

Spring Clean-Up

  • Seasonal pruning 
  • Weeding and edging of landscape beds 
  • Placing of pre-emergent 
  • Fertilization of landscape plants 
  • Delivery and installation of mulch for landscape beds 
  • Litter patrol - general clean-up of lawn area 
  • Removal and disposal of debris associated with above

Mid-Season Maintenance

  • Seasonal pruning 
  • Weeding of landscape beds 
  • Re-defining landscape beds 
  • Litter patrol: general clean-up of lawn area 
  • Raking of landscape beds to cultivate area and promote air and water to plants 
  • General site evaluation 
  • Removal of all debris associated with above

Fall Maintenance/Leaf Clean-Up  

  • Raking and removal of leaves from yard and all hard surfaces 
  • Trimming of shrubs, bushes and roses 
  • Seasonal pruning of all perennials 
  • Removal of annual plants 
  • Removal of debris associated with above

Full Service Grass Cutting

  • Litter patrol: general clean-up of lawn area 
  • Weed deterrent application to landscape bed

Turf Maintenance Programs

  • Routine Mowing 
  • Trimming and Edging

Walk Ways and Patios

  • Natural and Manufactured Stone

Retaining Walls

  • Natural and Manufactured Stone

Water Features

Drain Work
  • Downspout lines, lawn drains, french drains 
  • Grade Work 
  • Promote proper draining and run off
Tree Work
  • Pruning 
  • Removal 
  • Stump Grinding 
  • Cable Bracing

Snow Removal

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